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01 Rome Panorama 02 Victor Emmanuel Monument 03 Churches Santa Maria di Loreto, and Santissimo Nome di Maria, Trajan's Column and fragment of Victor Emmanuel Monument 03a Pincio Hill off Plazza Popolo 03b Santa Francesca Romana church and Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius (right), Roman Forum, Rome
03c Arco di Constantino (arch of Constantine), Rome 04 Piazza del Quirinale Rome 04a  Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Four Rivers) on Piazza Navona, Rome 05 St. Peter's Square Vatican 06 St. Peters Square Vatican
07 St. Peter's Square Vatican 08 John Paul Second thomb 09 Polish Military Cemetery Monte Cassino 10 Polish Mlitary Cemetery Mtonte Cassino 11 Polish Military Cemetery, Monte Cassino, Lazzio