Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Krakowa w Nowym Jorku

Friends of Kraków Society  in New York

  Po polsku

Friends of Krakow Society in New York City has begun his activities in early 2001. It seeks to create a forum for cooperation for residents of New York Metropolitan Area for whom Krakow remains a special place.   Goals of the Society include: 

  • Promotion of the city of Kraków, the cradle of Polish culture and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, among Americans.
  • Support of various cultural and charitable undertakings in Kraków
  • Help in developing contacts between civic, governmental, educational, business and artistic organizations from Kraków with their USA counterparts.  

Cultural and social events organized by our Society are a vehicle for promotion of our goals and will provide an opportunity for fund-rising activities.  Any proceeds will be used to support statutory goals of the Society.  

Details of the current activities of the Society could be viewed from the Main Page (in Polish only)

The Society suspended its activities in 2011.

Contact: fotopodroze -you know what toput here- 

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